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Ending bad loans and lowering costs for the unbankable.

Challenging growing indebtedness

Nstart offers a unique and sustainable debt consolidation solution, drastically lowering the over-indebted consumer’s costs, setting her on a path towards financial inclusion.

We use real-time data, machine-learning and groundbreaking methods to predict and steer consumer ability to repay, generating superior credit risk control.

Since 2016, we’ve helped thousands to lower their costs and regain control of their finances.


Growth per year since 2017

2 Markets

Norway and Sweden


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A unique customer proposal

Sustainable debt consolidation solutions for highly indebted consumers

A financial recovery solution for individuals bluntly profiled as high-risk/subprime borrowers by legacy credit scorings

Consolidating all existing loans and credit into one lower-priced unsecured loan

100% refinancing of old debt – no new debt

Automatically replacing all existing loans on behalf of the customer - no money is payed out

Launching savings - Stop taking up loans and credits - start saving money with Nstart

Strong customer benefits

Lowering costs and nudging towards freedom of debt

Drastically improving the customer’s financial situation by lowering costs

Applying clear demands and rewarding good payment behavior

Gradually strengthening customer creditworthiness and official credit scores

Offering a new way towards financial inclusion and stability

Disrupting legacy credit models

Keeping default risk low through superior use of data

Developing and using new technology and methodology for superior risk control - transforming high risk customers into low risk

AI-powered risk analytics engine and lending model generating deeper real-time insights

Deep screening of applicant’s cash flows and risk to predict ability and willingness to repay

Credit allowance m including P2P personal interaction with each customer

Scaling up

Northern Europe´s #1 provider of sustainable debt consolidation solutions.

Distribution growth – new market launches and new partnerships

AI-powered risk analytics engine and lending model generating deeper real-time insights

Efficient funding – financial sustainability and competitiveness using low-cost funding

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